Successful Heart Transplantation in Hyderabad Raises Public Awareness:

For the first time in India, metro train has been used to transport live heart for successful heart transplantation in Hyderabad. While heart transplantations are usually performed in-house without much risk, logistical issues and transportation problems stand as deterrents for organ donations especially for heart transplantations that have to be performed in faraway locations. And in these times using metro rail for heart transportation in a heavy traffic-laden city like Hyderabad is lauded for its innovative drive and commitment.

“It took me more than an hour to reach the hospital which was during relatively silent hours in Hyderabad traffic. The return form the hospital took even more time as it was peak traffic and I understood that it could be risky to transport the heart in traffic as heart transplantation is a time-sensitive operation. The only other practical option is a helicopter which we may not get access to on time and that was when we stumbled upon metro transportation”, said Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale, one of the most successful heart transplantation surgeons in Telangana when asked what made him chose Metro for the transport of heart due for heart transplantation in Hyderabad.

In a prompt response, Hyderabad metro rail authorities have planned and organized successful green channels through which Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale and his team were able to transport the heart to the hospital and get the heart transplantation in Hyderabad done on time to save the life of the terminal patient.

Given how seamlessly everything was planned and executed to make this heart transplantation in Telangana possible and also successful, this event will surely improve awareness about the efficacy and practicality of heart transplantation among both the general public and the healthcare community. Know more about the successful transport of live heart on Metro rail from Heart surgeon Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale himself, here: